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Fire and Allied Perils Insurance

This policy provides indemnity against loss of or destruction of or damage to the property insured, occasioned by fire and special perils.
Burglary and House Breaking

Burglary insurance covers any of the property lost, damaged or destroyed as a result of theft or attempted theft involving entry to or exit from the insured premises by forcible and violent means.
Motor Comprehensive Insurance

The Motor Comprehensive Insurance policy protects the insured against loss or damage to the vehicle as a result of Accident, Fire, Theft and Legal Liability to third party properties and bodily injury and medical expenses for injury to the occupants of the car.
Vehicles of Special Type: Cranes and other Heavy Lift Equipment

Money Insurance

This policy indemnifies the insured against the loss of money while in transit from the insured's premises during business hours, or whilst in insured's safe.

All Risks

This policy indemnifies the insured against loss or damage within the agreed territorial limits occasioned by FIRE, BURGLARY, HOUSEBREAKING, LARCENY, THEFT or other fortuitous and unforeseen circumstances. The company is liable to pay or make good to the insured such loss to the extent of the intrinsic value of the property so lost or such damage to the amount sustained, but not exceeding the sum insured thereon, nor exceeding the whole sum insured by the policy.

Marine Cargo

This class of insurance provides compensation to the cargo owner in the event of loss of or damage to the cargo whilst in course of transit between one country and another either by sea or by air.




This policy provides cover for the aircraft against accidental loss or damage from whatsoever cause while the aircraft is:

a. In flight (commences from the time aircraft moves forward in taking off, attempting to take off, whilst in the air and until it completes the landing run).

b. Taxying (Movement of aircraft under its own power) includes temporary halting of the aircraft.

c. On the ground (when the aircraft is not in flight, taxying or moored).

d. Moored (it includes the risk of launching and hauling).

The policy also provides cover against.

a. Disappearance of the aircraft if not sighted sixty days (60 days) after the commencement of the flight.

b. Reasonable emergency expenses necessarily incurred by the insured for the immediate safety of the aircraft consequent upon damage, forced landing including cost of removal to a place of safety even through no impact, damage may have resulted. This is limited to 10% of the insured value.

Third Party Liability

This section of the policy indemnifies the insured for all sums legally due to the third parties resulting from accidental injury to or death of persons or damage to property on the ground and outside the aircraft provided such an incident is caused directly by the aircraft or by objects falling therefrom.


These are policies issued as guarantee for the performance of certain obligations under commercial contracts. We provide very unique policy wordings on various bonds such as Advance Payment Bond, Performance Bond, Bid Bond, Retention Bond, Custom Bond.

Performance Bond: This is a situation in which we guarantee the due performance and observance of the terms and condition of the contractors obligations or contract terms.

Advance Payment Bond: This bond is to guarantee that an amount laid over by the employer to assist the contractor mobilize materials and equipments to site will be justifiably utilized.

Tender/ Bid Bond: This bond guarantees the performance of the contractor after he has won a contract. The bond is issued to contractors participating in Tender process.

To enable us quote for the premium payable, the following information is required.

 The Principal

 Nature of the Contract

 Value of contract/Bond

 Duration of Bond

Goods In Transit

The basic cover provides an indemnity against accidental loss or damage to goods whilst in transit anywhere within Sierra Leone. The goods covered may comprise raw materials and finished goods associated with an organisation's business.


Marine Hull

This class of Insurance seeks to provide indemnity for the vessel owners in the event of loss or damage to the vessel.

It covers the Hull (the ship or vessel), Machinery and Equipment. i.e. Hull and Machinery Cover


Group Personal Accident/Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accidents (GPA) policy provides cover, protection, compensation or benefits to two or more persons who come together independently of the insurance cover but rather who have been existing as a group prior to seeking insurance cover. They could be members of a club, association, family, or employees of a company or organization.

The benefits of the policy include compensation for bodily injury resulting solely and directly from accident caused by outward violent and visible means, which shall directly and independently of any cause result in death, permanent disablement, medical expenses and temporary total disablement.

Other areas in which we provide covers include Engineering/Special Risks, Professional Indemnity, Plants All Risks, Machinery Breakdown, Contractor All Risks, Fidelity Guarantee, Employee related Insurances.


We are irrevocably committed to meeting our customers' needs and expectations in order to keep them satisfied and committed through prompt claims settlement policy.

The corporate objective of the company is to render first class service to our clients.


 Fire and Special Perils

 Consequential Loss Insurance

 Burglary and Theft Insurance

 Motor Insurance

 Marine Hull and Marine Cargo


 Money Insurance

 Group personal Accident/Personal Accident, Workmen's Compensation Insurance

 Public Liability, Professional Liability

 Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

 House Owner's/House Holder's Insurance

 Contractors' All Risks Insurance

 Machinery Breakdown

 Erection All Risk

 Engineering Insurance

 Bonds (Performance, Advance payment, Bid, Tender, Customs)


 Oil and Gas